Meet Me, Lindsay

I’m Lindsay, a Florida native, who was raised in a sports-loving family, especially the Florida Gators.

My husband and I at the 2008 National Championship Game in Miami.

I met and married my college sweetheart at the University of Florida. With him, we have had two kids, a new puppy, and moved about a dozen times. Now back in Gainesville surrounded by friends and family, we feel truly at home. It is very exciting to experience Gainesville, not as students, but as professionals raising our children.

My daughter and I at a recent Gator Football game.

From the time I can remember there has been football (college and pro), baseball and basketball in my life. Since marrying and having my son, we have added hockey into the mix of sports. To say our family is a sports family is an understatement.

My son and I a few years back at a Gator Football game. He now towers over me!

We also don’t take ourselves too seriously. We work too hard in our day jobs, so we really like play hard!

Car selfie with my husband. This was on our way to see the Gators play when we lived in Orlando. He very rarely takes a photo with a serious face.

About the Blog

I graduated from UF in 2004. Yes, if your math is correct, it’s been a long time!

Graduation from UF with my mom.

Since then, I have married, had two kids, got a Labradoodle, moved countless times, and built a career in marketing for architecture/engineering firms. What was missing was a way to carve out some time to do something just for me (a hobby, let’s say) that was fun and creative. I am not a big crafter and let’s just say that my husband is the cook in the family. What I really love is to find cool stuff and share it with people. Combining the love of discovering new things and my marketing capabilities with my love obsession of the Gators became a no-brainer to start a blog!

UF Gator Lady was then launched. To be a UF Gator Lady goes beyond just me. It is all of you—smart women who are also wives, mothers, and, best of all, avid Florida Gators fans!

This blog will be about sharing real-life women coming together to cheer on the Florida Gators. I will share the latest trends in gameday fashion, quick and easy recipes, memory-invoking traditions, orange and blue inspired decor ideas, and simple DIY ideas (no #PinterestFails)–all that you can relate to. It won’t be polished, professional photography or 90-lb models in the fashion spreads, but rather my DIY photos (using my iPhone) and clothes that fit our real, busy, and hot lifestyles.

Most important of all, I hope to have some fun and meet all of the other UF Gator Ladies out there!






Please note: I am not affiliated (other than an Alumni) with the University of Florida in any way, but have the desire to spread the love of the Gator Nation everywhere.

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