Gators Lady Fan Friday

Let’s celebrate the end of another week and another day closer to G A M E D A Y!

Like if this week felt like the longest, short week ever. With the long weekend and then waiting for a hurricane, it felt like today would never get here.

Anyways, I am celebrating with a new weekly series called Gators Lady Fan Friday! This series celebrates all of the ladies who are die hard Gators fans across the country!

One of the reasons I started this blog and UF Gator Lady was to bring all of us Gators ladies together near and far to celebrate and cheer on our Gators. So, each week, I will feature a few new followers who love the Gators as much as me!

This week’s Gators Ladies are:

@innerbeautysc – She lives in South Carolina but loves her Gators. She is a licensed esthetician who loves her little girl. She also has mad crafting skills.

@sydneygroomstyle – You might know her from around Gainesville. She is an influencer who is featured in @gainesvillemagazine and the founder of @gnvbloggerbabes

@wildponyexpressbar – This is run by a Gator lady in Texas. Check out her cute Gator set up for the bar. I hope she comes to Gainesville one day (hint, hint).

Are you a Gator Lady? You can be featured on Friday by commenting below with your Instagram handle.

Don’t forget – Go Gators!!!

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